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Peer-to-Peer & Blockchain technology company

Mavlux, Inc. is a technology-based company specializing in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and blockchain-related products. We believe that P2P and blockchain technologies reinvent the data and content delivery platform in the most secure and efficient way and to make people's lives more convenient.

Mavlux will continue to be an innovative leader in the information technology (IT) industry.


creative, autonomous, efficient, young, and inventive
in order to see the problems differently.

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Technology Understanding

With rich experiences in academia, Mavlux can understand the cutting edge technologies comprehensively and utilize them to create the best products.

Fast Development

Develop the best quality software fast by referencing the global trend and brand-new technologies in the software development area. (based on MEAN stack)

Flexible Thinking

With listening to the customers and the domain experts, Mavlux keeps revising the strategy to build the best solution with the flexible mind and thinking.


Mavlux is developing the solutions based on the P2P and Blockchain technologies. With the in-depth understanding of the networked systems, Mavlux creates innovative products which satisfy the application needs thoroughly.

Peer-to-Peer & Blockchain

P2P-based Content Delivery Platform

Deliver large-size video files efficiently with the peer-to-peer technologies
Adopt BitTorrent protocol to improve the download performances
Reduce the server-side traffic dramatically
Economic incentive system with cryptocurrency ecosystem
Support sequential delivery using the cascading architecture
Support mobile devices with proxy servers

Collaborate with SNU MMLAB for protocol design and evaluation

iChart, The Medical Database

Intelligent Data Management Tool for Medical Research

Admission, discharge, and operation record management
Search medical records with advanced options
Create and share medical research projects
Collect various medical sheet data
Support secure data sharing between hospitals using Blockchain
Support daily work (meeting, schedule, reports, etc)

Currently, used in SNUH TCS, SNUBH TCS, SMC TCS


Mavlux consists of six members who are active, positive, dedicated, responsible, and professional.
Our team has a wealth of experience in deep tech, marketing and business operations.

Kideok Cho (Ph.D.)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dookyoon Han (MS)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Yoonsu Cho

Content Developer

Minkyeong Myeong

Front-end Developer

Seongwon Jeong

Android Developer

Inhye Park

Product Manager

We want you!

Looking for the next member
If you are passionate about the dynamic startup world and enjoy being challenged and inspired every day,
join us and let's develop the cutting-edge content delivery platform together.


Mavlux is an active and aggressive player in the peer-to-peer and blockchain technology area.
We attend or host the following events to promote understanding about our solution and new technologies.
26 Feb

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018

Mavlux will participate Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 as an exhibitor. We will demonstrate how Astro network can provide the efficient and low-cost content delivery services.

09 Jan

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018

Service development team will participate in CES 2018, the largest technology show in the world. We will look for the potential business opportunities with world partners.

30 Nov

Startup Festival 2017

Mavlux participates Startup Festival 2017, held in Seoul, Korea, to demonstrate Astro network and to have the business meeting with international venture capitalists.

29 Nov

K-Digital Content Showcase in Silicon Beach LA

Mavlux presents Astro network at K-Digital content showcase organized by Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) and igniteXL at Los Angeles, US.


Invited Talks/Seminars

[2018.02.20.] Blockchain Tech. Overview, Closed Group.
[2018.01.29.] Blockchain technologies and status, NexG.
[2018.01.18.] Blockchain technologies and status, AItrics.



[2018.01.18.] Meetup with AItrics
[2017.11.13.] Meetup with NUCO
[2017.10.27.] Meetup with MediBloc


Mavlux is collaborating with the leading university laboratories and companies specialized in computer networks and distributed systems. With the strong technical basis, Mavlux has provided professional services to various customers such as web service companies, major university hospitals, and government agencies.


Mavlux is located inside the Gwanak Campus of Seoul National University.
Currently, Mavlux software lab. is collaborating with Network Convergence and Security Lab. (MMLAB), SNU CSE.

Mavlux, Inc.

Address. 138-502, Gwanak-Ro 1, Gwanak-Gu, Seoul, Korea
T. 070.4888.1046
F. 070.4009.1046
Business Hours: 10:00 AM ~ 7:00 PM


(Public Transportation)
Bus #5511@SNU Station (Line#2)
Bus #02@Nakseongdae Station (Line#2)

Shuttle Bus

(Supported by SNU)
SNU shuttle bus@Front gate
Get off @Faculty Office


Refer to the location
138-502, 514, Gwanak-Ro 1, Gwanak-Gu, Seoul, Korea